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Jeremy was just 11 years old when he sneaked out of home every Sunday to go to church, hiding his new-found Christian faith from his Muslim family.

Growing up in Malaysia, Jeremy faced many challenges and often felt empty and rejected. Born out of wedlock to a man his mother didn’t end up marrying meant he was an outcast and brought shame on his family – especially his stepfather.

His birth father didn’t even want to register his birth so he grew up stateless with no birth documents or identification, but church gave him hope.

“I longed to go to church every Sunday, I just loved it. It was the only thing that brought joy,” he recalls.

He escaped through his bedroom window every week to go to a church near his house until his family caught him and sealed up his window.

The home he grew up in was extremely dysfunctional; even though his family was Muslim, many of them were alcoholics and would often come home drunk.

“My home was always messy and my family was always fighting and arguing,” Jeremy says. This meant he couldn’t even concentrate on his studies and wasn’t able to finish school.

At the time he considered running away but instead he decided to stay and would pray for his family constantly.

Jeremy eventually went to live with his grandparents who knew he was a Christian, and before his grandfather died he led him to the Lord.

“I want my whole family to come to know the Lord, that’s my longing.”

After many years of prayer and fasting with his church and being considered stateless, Jeremy received an identification certificate for the first time last year. This was considered a miracle.

He still faces some challenges as his ID identifies him as Muslim but he is hopeful for the future.

“I pray for people to freely come to the Lord, especially Muslims who are bound by the law. I also want to be a vessel to win them to the Lord.”

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