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Attacks on the Christian communities of Southern Kaduna is no more news as there have been barrage of attacks in recent times. This time, the Kamaru Chawai community in Kauru Local Government Area of the Southern part of Kaduna state got its own share of this repetitive pattern of attacks almost at the dusk of last year (Nov. 13 2016). Without any provocation, forty-three Christians were brutally murdered in cold blood with some of their houses destroyed, several others were wounded; including Eunice, a two years old girl who had hot gunpowder poured all over her body.

Our Team, visited the victimized villages of the Kamaru Chawai district of the Chawai Chiefdom of Southern Kaduna on the 29th of December with some relief materials which includes Bibles, food stuffs and mattresses.

The people of the village were happy to receive us as evidenced by the beautiful smiles on their faces. Due to repackaging of the goods to be distributed to them, we could not carry out the distributions on that day. We carried out the distribution the following day – 30th of December 2016.

While the packaging of the items to be distributed was ongoing, sporadic gunshots were heard from some angles of the neighbouring villages – the suspects being Fulani herdsmen who have mastered the dark arts of unleashing hell and terror to the Christian communities of that area and that carried out the mayhem of 13 November 2016 on the community.

Some of the villagers who came to receive their own relief materials had to run back to their homes to ensure the safety of their children against the extremists in case they raided a second time.

Most of the people who came out for the relief materials were able to get their various packages which contains a small sized bag of rice, bag of beans, mattress, blankets, beverages, carton of noodles, salt, sugar, a Bible, detergents, Bucket, Mosquito net, toiletries, cloths and vegetable oil. The villagers showed enthusiasm towards the generous contribution to their community.

Some of the rural Pastors were given Megaphones to aid their evangelism. While some who got their houses destroyed and burnt were donated with some roofing sheets and nails to support them in raising up structures so that they can have a shelter over their heads.

The relief materials were donated by concerned Christians around the world, who felt the need to support their suffering brethren in Nigeria.

Interviews with some of the recipient was granted and they were all glad to receive the gifts:-

Sunny Jacob
This is the first time we experienced a good heart like this by coming to visit us at the time of our needs. I am short of words but I must say Thank you for the good works. Please kindly always remember to pray for us always as the extremists are still trying to get their way into our community again.
Amu Agyang
We got all our houses burnt in Kigam community and we have been heavily traumatized, but I want to appreciate the organization for the huge step taken to giving us our life back. We really wish we could repay this great heart of kindness.
Sarah Simon
We had all our properties destroyed and we are only left with the clothes on us. Our barns was also destroyed with farm harvests in it. I must thank your organisation for the good work… well done. Thank you for the foodstuffs which will sustain me and my family for a while. And thank you for helping our community.
Rev. Peter J Nga
We Thank God for using your organisation to bless the community, we really appreciate the steps you took to make sure you put smiles on the faces of our people.