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The devastating news of numerous attacks on the Christian communities in the district of Karua, Southern Kaduna on 13 November 2016 has left a certain numbness among those who survived the onslaught. It is believed Fulani herdsmen were responsible, with most of their victims being the elderly, women and children who could not escape the attackers’ gunfire and bombs.

First-hand reports from survivors stated, “They went on a rampage killing people, setting houses ablaze, burning all food in the houses and killing all of the domestic animals. Some of the villagers who were able to escape alerted their people attending the harvest and also alerted security personnel. Before the coming of the security these heartless people ran into the bush. They were not to be found.”

The number of people killed in the villages was 47. In total 98 houses and several churches were burned down, leaving nothing behind.

It is believed that 520 people were affected by this tragedy and in need of urgent assistance. VOM Australia and their international partners raised emergency funds that were immediately sent so the rebuilding could begin.

Our team handled the logistics of distributing life packs to the victims which included Bibles, mattresses, roofing iron, grain, instant noodles and medical treatment.

An infant girl whose mother had died during the attack, was severely burned when gunpowder was thrown on her body. The team took her to hospital and doctors said she nearly lost her life. We thank God she has now been discharged. Pray for the many persecuted Christians who have suffered greatly through this atrocity.