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Lyazzat Almenova (34) is a member of Grace Church in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana. In 2011 her mother made allegations against the church, claiming the pastor had caused her daughter to become ‘schizophrenic’.

After a state ‘expert’ confirmed the diagnosis, the police started investigating Pastor Kashkumbayev (66). He was arrested, accused of ‘praying for the sick’ and thereby ‘psychologically influencing’ church members so that their health is harmed. He is also accused of using ‘stupefying substances’ (which turned out to be the non-alcoholic red tea used in communion) to ‘collect gifts’ (church offerings) from members.

On 19 July Pastor Kashkumbayev was transferred to the Almaty City Psychological-Psychiatric Assessment Centre. There are great fears for his well being there.

Source: Australian Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission

  • Ask the ever-present Lord of Hosts to shield, protect and deliver Pastor Kashkumbayev. Pray for his release.
  • Pray God will give Kazakhstan’s Christians great wisdom, courage and grace to enable them to act as effective witnesses for the Gospel.
  • Pray for all those in authority in Kazakhstan.