Three self-exiled pastors have been sentenced to terms up to five years for leading the New Life Pentecostal Church in the city of Almaty. The sentences were announced on 1 November, when the court rejected their latest appeal. The founding pastor, Maxim Maximov, faces five years in prison, while his wife Larisa, and ministry colleague Sergei Zaikin, each face four years. All three pastors intend to appeal the conviction at the Supreme Court.

The charges involve “causing psychological harm”, as well as alleged involvement in illegal associations. In at least one case, however, the time frame for the accusation was before the victim was even born. The three pastors have fled the country and are presently living in the United States, though they would like to return to their homeland.

The New Life Church was originally founded in 1991 under the former Soviet Union and officially registered in 2012. Despite its legal status, the church has faced repeated attacks by the state-controlled media over the past few years. Though all charges were against the three individuals, five properties belonging to their church – including the main worship building – have been confiscated and placed under a restraining order.

Some governing authorities have offered alternatives to resolve the issues. In November 2018, another church leader, Pastor Ivan Kryukov, was approached by police who suggested that all these legal problems could be dismissed if the church gave monetary compensation. A few months later, the church leaders were told that their collaboration with the secret police would settle any issues. Offers like these have been declined by the pastoral team due to the injustice of their situation.

Source: Forum 18

  • Intercede for these three exiled church leaders as they spend extended time away from their homes and church. Pray that the courts will provide a just and reasonable ruling.
  • Pray the congregation members find ways of meeting together for worship and encouragement.
  • Ask God to grant wisdom and courage to church leaders in Kazakhstan as they deal with the authorities.

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Let’s pray for the Kazakh Nation and it’s peoples and leaders. We pray especially for those who want to see an end to Gospel ministry and to faithful preaching/teaching of God’s word that they might know a powerful witness of the Holy Spirit in their lives as Kazakh believers seek to faithfully live for Christ. Jesus said, ‘love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’ (Luke 5Vs44) We give thanks for Maxim, Larissa and Sergei, their faith and perseverance, and pray that they might humble themselves before the Lord that He may lift them up in due time.