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On 6 December, 11 non-local Christian passengers were attacked while travelling to Mandera from Nairobi and killed at Kotulo in north-eastern Kenya.

Confirming the incident, a Kenyan police officer said, “A passenger bus belonging to Medina Bus Company, travelling between Wajir and Mandera was attacked by a criminal gang at around 1730 hours this evening. The attack happened at Maadathe area, five kilometres to Kotulo. Lives are believed to have been lost.”

According to a reliable source, the militants separated passengers into groups, targeting the non-locals. Nine of the passengers on the Mandera-bound bus who could not recite the Shahada were paraded out of the bus and shot dead at close range by those believed to be al-Shabaab militants. There are two passengers still missing who are believed to also be dead.

The names of those confirmed as killed are Athanus Kiti, Enos Odhiambo, Kelvin Mandela, Wisely Meli, Tikane Kasale, Leonard Mukanda, Francis Mbuvi, Rodgers Machuka, and Anchari Okerosi. The two still missing are Emmanuel Barasa and Nathan Bett.

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Ask the Lord to comfort those who mourn over this tragic loss.
  • Pray the authorities will find those responsible and bring them to justice.
  • Ask the Lord to frustrate the plans of al-Shabaab and bring an end to the targeted violence. Ask God to bring many of these militants to repentance.

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