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Tensions are boiling in Kenya as the government clamps down on Islamic militants and as al Shabaab responds by slaughtering Christians.

Clashes erupted in the coastal city of Mombasa on Friday 21 November as Muslims rioted in response to the government crackdown on Islamic militancy which has led to the closure of five mosques in the Mombasa area and the arrest of over 150 Muslims.

The mosques which were being used to store weapons, bomb-making equipment and literature of jihad, are now crime scenes.

Early on Saturday 22 November some 100 al Shabaab militants from Somalia captured a bus in Kenya’s far north-east. After separating the Kenyans from the Somalis, the militants then executed 28 ‘non-believers’ (including 19 Christians) who could not recite the shahada (the Islamic profession of faith). Al Shabaab has claimed the bus attack was retaliation for the mosque closures.

Sources: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin, International Christian Concern, Washington Post

 Prayer Points

  • Pray for God’s comfort to be upon the victim’s families during this time of grief.
  • Pray for an end to Somalia’s Islamic extremist rebels, al Shabaab, in Jesus’ name. Ask the Lord to bring many of them to repentance.
  • Pray the violence in Kenya against Christians will cease. Ask the Lord to grant favour to those who are trying to end the bloodshed.