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On Wednesday 11 March, two Christians were killed, and another was abducted when suspected al-Shabaab militants attacked two vehicles on the road between Elwak and Mandera in north-eastern Kenya.

This region has become a common location for the terror group to conduct attacks, in which they target non-local Christians.

In the first incident the Somali-based terror group ambushed a passenger bus near the Jabi-bar area, ordering all of the passengers to disembark before the militants began profiling them to identify non-Muslims.

A Mandera security officer confirmed, “The attackers were looking for non-local passengers travelling from Nairobi in order to kill them. The current trend of terror activity in Mandera confirms that. They abducted the only Christian on the bus, the mechanic, and allowed the others to continue with their journey.”

While Kenyan forces pursue the attackers, the status of the abducted Christian remains unknown.

During the second attack, which took place an hour later in the same location, two non-local medical transporters were killed, and their truck was burned. They were ferrying pharmaceutical drugs to Mandera, traversing the violence-prone region near the porous Kenya-Somalia border.

The security officer confirmed that the “two non-locals, [the] driver and his assistant, had been killed by shooting and their bodies [were] dumped on the roadside.”

A pastor in Mandera said, “Over the last two weeks, we have been living in fear because of the insecurity posed by the two forces from Somalia who are seen in town on military cars. We are not quite sure if they are forces or militants. We ask for prayers of protection over Christians in north-eastern Kenya.”

Source: International Christian Concern

  • Ask the Lord to intervene and pray He will deliver the abducted Christian from their captors.
  • Pray for those coming to terms with shock and grief over the loss of the two believers.
  • Incidents of violence in Kenya are on the rise. Pray for wisdom for the authorities trying to deal with the current unrest. Pray for a spiritual awakening throughout the nation and beyond its borders.

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