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Kyrgyzstani believer Marat Niyazaliev remains in an investigative prison after being falsely accused of molesting a young girl. At the time of the alleged molestation, Marat was in a city about 95 kilometres away, renewing his passport.

He made a phone call on the bus ride home, and phone records from his service provider have verified his location.

Despite these facts, Marat was arrested in December 2015 and taken to an investigative prison, where he must remain while his case is processed. Before his December arrest, Marat told VOM workers that he had been greatly affected by the accusation and was having difficulty praying.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Intercede for this brother; ask the Lord to bring light to this case. May the investigation be completed without agenda and these charges be dealt with swiftly and justly.
  • Pray Marat will rely on the Lord to give him the words to say when they stand before accusing authorities (Matthew 10:19). Commit to the Lord Marat’s legal representatives.
  • Pray for spiritual health and strength for Marat and his family. Pray Marat will feel the peace and presence of our Lord.