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Five Christians in Laos have been charged with murder after a sick woman, who sought prayer from a local church, converted to Christianity and later died of an unknown illness.

According to reports, Mrs Chan was sick with an unknown illness for two years and had approached the local church for prayer. After her health improved for a short while, she and her eight grown-up children became Christians. Her health later declined and she passed away on 22 June.

Since Christians are denied burial rights in the local cemetery, the children gained permission from the village chief for a Christian burial ceremony to be performed for their mother on their own property. However, the permission was later retracted and the children were informed that a burial ceremony could only take place if they signed an affidavit recanting their Christian faith. The children refused to do this.

On 23 June, a local church leader made an appeal to the district chief regarding the incident. The day following the appeal, the complainant, three other church leaders and a lay person were arrested and charged with the murder of the Christian woman.

Sources: World Evangelical Alliance, Barnabas Fund, Agenzia Fides

Prayer Points

  • Pray for those arrested, that the Lord would grant them His protection while they are in custody; pray they will be cleared of all charges and released.
  • Pray the Christians would not fear, but trust God during this time of trial.
  • Ask the Lord to use this case as a demonstration of faithful Christian witness to be used by Him to further extend His kingdom in Laos.