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We have a request for urgent prayer! On 2 October two high-profile members of the Ministry of Defence together with other local authorities, arrested a church leader in Laos.

The reason given for the arrest is because the church leader believes in Jesus and is helping eight families grow in faith. The authorities gave the eight families the ultimatum ‘stop following Christ or be evicted from the village and relocated.’ If, however, they sign a document denying their faith in Christ, they would then be allowed to continue to live in their village.

Our contact has advised that the church leader is now in prison and although families are providing him with food, the police are withholding most of the food for themselves. The authorities have also demanded he sign a document renouncing his faith in Christ. If he does, they will release him, if he refuses, he will remain in prison. He has refused.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs Australia

  • Pray the Lord will provide His grace, believing it will be sufficient to meet his every need.
  • Pray that God will remind him of His Word to strengthen him throughout his imprisonment and to help him remain faithful.
  • Pray the Lord will enable him to be His witness and bring His light to both his fellow prisoners and guards.