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Two Hmong Christian men, ‘Tou Ly’ and ‘Fai Cho,’ were recently forced by relatives to leave their homes after refusing to renounce Christ and return to the community’s tradition of ancestor worship.

The two believers were then arrested by local authorities and detained for two weeks. After their release, on 25 August, the men rented a place to live outside of the village community.

Their struggles were only compounded when Fai Cho’s father died on 27 September. Local authorities issued the family a large fine, claiming they had not obtained the proper burial permit. Thankfully, the two men are receiving help from their church toward the cost of the fine; however, they have little to no food or clothing, and remain in desperate need.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to grant these believers daily strength during this trial. May they not give in to the pressures coming against them to renounce their faith, but instead be filled with the Holy Spirit and, therefore, fully equipped to follow Christ despite the hostility.
  • Ask God to use the vibrant witness of these men to effectively draw many others, especially their persecutors, to saving faith in His Son Jesus.
  • Pray that He will bless the efforts of their church, also providing a way to meet the persecuted believers’ physical and spiritual needs as they continue to stand for righteousness’ sake.