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Two Christians in Laos were detained in early August for sharing their Christian faith. ‘Ket’ was arrested for distributing Christian materials in his village. And when authorities learned that he received the materials from ‘Boua,’ a Christian woman living in another village, they arrested her the next time she came to visit Ket in jail. Ket and Boua face an uncertain future.

As one of the few remaining communist nations, Laos is a volatile area for Christians. Officially, the constitution allows for religious freedom, and the government officially recognises four religions, including Christianity. In practice, however, Christians are harassed, evicted from their homes and forcibly relocated, denied education opportunities, arrested and forced to deny their faith.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will minister to Ket and Boua and other Christians in prison; ask Him to strengthen and encourage them during this time of uncertainty.
  • Pray their imprisonment will not be of long duration, but they may soon be restored to their families.
  • Ask the Lord to use their love for Him as a shining light in prison and provide many opportunities for them to share the Gospel.