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Nine Christian families, a total of 38 people, have been fined 800,000 kip ($130) by village authorities – the apparent value of the village’s spirits. Authorities are also pressuring the families to sacrifice a pig to the spirits. If they do not pay the fine, they must then renounce their faith.

Elsewhere in Laos, two widows have been persecuted by family members following their acceptance of Christ. One of the women is being pressured by her son-in-law to renounce her faith. Her son-in-law heard that a government program that assists poor families in purchasing cattle will not help Christian families, and he is worried he won’t receive a cow. Despite the pressure, the woman is remaining firm in her faith.

The other widow’s daughter-in-law is pressuring her for the same reasons. In addition, village authorities have forced her to leave her house indefinitely.

“It is sad to see that the two widows, are not worth more than a project of getting a cow,” a VOM worker said. “It is the dislike of their faith that is causing these things to happen. Please keep them in your prayers.”

In a third case, a soldier who became a Christian last year is being forced by his superior to renounce Jesus. If he does not, he will be released from the military and lose his 1,200,000 kip a month ($195) salary. Though he has a wife and two children, he is still choosing to follow Christ.

“He has asked us to pray for him, that God would lead him the right way,” the VOM worker said. “He and his wife want to follow God.”

Source: VOM Sources

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the nine Christian families to remain steadfast in faith and to depend on God to provide all they will ever need.
  • Pray that these two widows will be able to show God’s love to their families, and that their families will see that the Lord is worth far more than any financial benefit.
  • Praise God for the courage of the recently saved soldier and ask God to provide him with the right employment in His timing.