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Tensions have deepened in a Khmu village where two families have come to Christ and one lives next door to a high-ranking solider, who despises Christians.

Recently, a Christian from another village came to speak with the two families, who had asked him to show them how to accept Christ. When the Christian leader arrived, the neighbour interrupted them, asking the Christian leader why he was there. The Christian calmly explained he had been invited to show the families how to accept Christ. When the neighbour protested that it was against the law to convert, the Christian leader corrected him, telling him it was legal to convert to Christianity in Laos. The neighbour made no reply and he left, and the Christian leader led the families to Christ that day.

Since that time, the neighbour continues to harass and threaten the Christians, but the Christian leader encourages them to stand firm. “Pray for these Christians,” a VOM partner wrote, “as many of the Christian communities face similar threats.”

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Praise God for the way He is working throughout Laos – building His church.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen and protect those who face opposition early in their Christian walk.
  • Pray for those who currently oppose the Lord and His church. Ask God to reveal Himself to the neighbour and give him a desire to come to know the path to salvation, through Jesus.

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