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Four Christian men arrested over the past two months were recently released from jail.

The first believer to be arrested, ‘Sanyahak’ (pictured) was detained in early October after 40 people came to know Christ through his witness.

The three other men were later arrested, amid ongoing harassment of seven Christian families in the community.

The Christians remain faithful despite being forbidden from practising their faith in any way. They are being closely watched and could be arrested if authorities see any evidence that they are practising their faith.

The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Praise God for the release of these four men and for the steadfast faith of these families. Pray for wisdom and perseverance in determining their next steps.
  • Pray for the 40 new believers; may they grow strong in their new-found faith.
  • Ask the Lord to use the witness of these families to powerfully proclaim the Gospel, including to those in authority