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Since accepting Christ three years ago, ‘Shua,’ a poor Khmu Christian, has been beaten many times. Most recently, someone in his rural village poisoned his two pigs, his only property of value.

“All the people of his village hate him and the 20 other Christians in the village,” said a VOM partner. Despite his losses, Shua continues to share the Gospel.

Three months after losing his pigs, Shua reported that he had led six people to the Lord and four other believers had been baptised.

Shua’s village is an eight-hour journey from the main road, and it’s hard for him to fellowship with other believers. Although life in his village is difficult, Shua remains faithful to Christ.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points
• Thank the Lord for Shua’s bold, evangelical spirit and his faithful desire to serve Him.
• Ask God to provide for his needs, including the opportunity to fellowship with other Christians.
• Ask the Lord to guide and strengthen the new converts in faith; pray for those in the area who currently oppose the Gospel.

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