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Khamla was devastated when his wife left him. One day, as he walked past the Buddhist temple in extreme sorrow, something that looked like a small bird hit him in the chest. He unexpectedly changed; he became violently strong and was suddenly unable to communicate.

His parents and the community were so fearful that they locked him in a cage. His parents made many animal sacrifices to the spirits and invited multiple witch doctors to help him, but nothing worked.

Finally, they turned to the Christians, who sent believers to pray every day. After a month of prayers, Khamla calmly told his father he was ready to leave the cage. Khamla, his parents and siblings all gave their lives to Christ after witnessing his transformation, and many others in the village began to show an interest in Christianity. This worried village authorities, and they declared that Khamla and his family could remain Christians, but no one else in the village could. They also said that Khamla and his family could not lead others to Christ. “Pray they will know what to do and that the Lord breaks down these barriers, as many saw the healing miracle of the Lord,” a VOM partner wrote.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Praise God for this remarkable testimony.
  • Pray Khamla and his family will have much contact with other believers and be given an opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Gospel. Pray too they will be given the strength to stand against opposition.
  • Pray that other members of the community, including the authorities will also come to marvel at the wonder and power of Christ.

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