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Khampang came to Christ after witnessing God’s goodness and being healed. Only two others in his village were Christians, and both had experienced harsh reactions from their families.

One young man was disowned by his family, and a teenager was kicked out of his family home. As a result, both young men were forced to leave the village.

Community leaders were reluctant to punish Khampang, who is an elder, but they still worked against him, convincing Khampang’s wife that his decision was illegal. She refused to sleep in the same bed as him and gave him small portions of food or nothing at all.

When Khampang recently met with VOM partners, large tears rolled down his cheeks as he shared how his family had rejected him.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray that Khampang will be reconciled with his family while staying faithful to Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to use his faithful witness to soften the hearts of many towards him and the Lord he follows.
  • Pray for Khampang and the two young men who were forced to leave the village, that they will mature in their faith, led by the Holy Spirit, by God’s word and through the encouragement of other believers.
  • Thank the Lord for the growth of the church in Laos and pray for frontline workers who are sharing the Gospel.

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