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A village leader and his wife placed their faith in Christ recently after experiencing the love of some local Christians.

The village leader had visited a local spirit priest seeking healing for his wife, who had been suffering from a serious illness. After doing everything he was told the spirits wanted him to do, including sacrificing a water buffalo worth about $1,000, his wife’s condition remained unchanged.

During this time, some Christians in the village visited the leader’s wife and prayed for her, simply wanting to show they cared for her. The village leader and his family later publicly declared that they had become Christians after experiencing the love of these believers. The leader said the Christians cared for his wife and family when the spirits and the rest of the village did not. His declaration of faith, in turn, inspired other villagers, and as a result 21 people have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Praise God for the Gospel witness displayed, through the love of the believers in this village. Pray for the health of the village leader’s wife.
  • Pray that these new believers will continue to grow in faith and stand firm in the face of persecution.
  • Pray the Gospel may be heard and understood throughout the village and beyond.

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