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A community in Laos blatantly told the four Christian families living among them that the only way to get rid of Christians is to kill them.

In an effort to persuade the Christians to leave, villagers have illegally logged all the trees on the property of one of the Christians. When the village faced drought and famine in 2019, village leaders purposely did not include the names of the Christian families on the list of those who would receive government assistance. When one of the Christians complained, village leaders told him the Christians were being stubborn by not leaving the village even though most of the village doesn’t believe their “foreign religion”. They added, “Right now, the only way to get all of you to leave is to threaten to kill you. Letting you Christians in this village is a waste of land here.”

The Christians do not want to leave their homes.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the presence and faithful witness of these believers may be used by God to bring many in the village to Christ.
  • Pray the threats against these Christians will come to nothing. Ask God to protect them.
  • Ask God to help these Christians remain focused on Him and stay bold in spite of the opposition.

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