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A Syrian family is committed to working with Christian ministry that is reaching out to other Syrians who have fled into Lebanon.

Both ‘Hakim’ and his wife, ‘Yara’ and their children care for those in Syria and are part of a team that have helped distribute food, blankets, stoves and oil to those in their city. Hakim and Yara ensured that each of the families also received a New Testament and children’s books with Bible stories.

A VOM contact who has established relationships with about 200 families asks for ongoing prayers for the ministry workers and “all these families that God will open their hearts through the literature they have taken.”

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for Hakim, Yara and others involved in reaching out to Syrians in Lebanon, pray the Lord will use them mightily as witnesses for His Gospel; pray also for their protection.
  • Pray the Lord will bear much fruit from his important ministry, drawing many to Himself as they read His word.
  • Pray the churches in Lebanon will be welcoming of Muslim background believers and may be used by the Lord to help new believers grow in their faith.