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A post had been erected in the middle of the village and Quy, with his hands tied behind his back, was being beaten. All the villagers were banned from coming near but they watched as three policemen mercilessly beat Quy. They kicked, punched and even used ropes and rocks but regardless of the pain, and despite every blow, Quy experienced an inner strength which enabled him to endure.

In May, Quy was celebrating his first two years of being a Christian. Even at the age of 44, he is excited about his faith and loves telling everyone how he became a believer in Christ.

Quy was brought up in a village in northern Vietnam where because of their tribal culture, the practise of animism and the appeasement of evil spirits prevailed. Anyone who was sick, would be taken to the local witchdoctor and for a price, the witchdoctor would claim to have the ability to heal them.

Being paralysed in her arms and legs, Quy’s sister had to be carried everywhere. Although she was growing, her limbs remained small and whilst many attempts had been made, the witchdoctor could not heal her. Quy loves his sister and was willing to do anything to help her. News of a pastor who had healed many people reached Quy, and he asked the pastor to come and pray for his sister.

The pastor agreed and as he prayed, Quy’s sister received Christ into her life believing God would heal her. Over a period of three months Quy’s sister’s health improved dramatically to the point that she could walk on her own. It was truly a miracle.

Only God can heal
The Christian God had healed his sister and Quy saw how different it was from the old way of burning offerings to evil spirits and paying a witchdoctor. Seeing this miracle, Quy gave his life to Christ and even his leg, which at that time was also paralysed because of genetic defects, was miraculously healed by God.

Quy had always been afraid of evil spirits but once the pastor took all the idols and amulets out of the house and burned them, Quy immediately felt a peace in his heart. There was no more fear. However, Quy and his sister would have to face consequences for becoming Christians, the villagers were unhappy that they were now worshiping the Christian God.

“When I was only three months old in Christ, the government officials came and threatened to cast me out of the village. I asked, ‘who gives you the authority to throw me out of the village?’” Surprised by his boldness, they compromised and instead, they confiscated his land giving it to other villagers.

Government officials together with the villagers tried several ways to force Quy to return to his old ways, but Quy said, “My wife and my children all agreed with me that we are committed to follow God even if there will be persecution on our lives. God gave us a new life and healed us from the paralysed state we were in, and whatever we have accomplished in the short time on this earth, has been because we know Christ.”

Quy and his family attend church and the pastor takes care of them spiritually. He even comes to their home to encourage them in the faith. Quy has never learnt to read or write but he loves to listen to the Word of God and especially the stories about Jesus. Although Quy is illiterate, it does not stop him from telling others about Jesus. He walks from village to village sharing the Gospel and prays that many people will have their eyes open to
the truth.

However, persecution was coming. Quy had been sharing the Gospel with a family who had accepted Christ but when confronted by the authorities, they said they had been forced to accept the Christian God and told the police who Quy was. The police found Quy and arrested him. They took him to the village where he had been sharing
the Gospel.

It was 3pm when the police tied Quy to a post and took turns beating him. The villagers were not to come near and no one was to give him any food. The beatings were so severe, the government officials thought he would die, so they decided to set him free, if he paid a fine of $30 plus two chickens.

The pastor was called and told about Quy’s dilemma and said to the police, “Quy cannot pay the fine, he doesn’t have the money.” “Alright then, just leave us the two chickens” was their response and they immediately
released Quy.

It was now midnight and Quy had been tied to the post for nearly nine hours. Because of the beatings, Quy’s body was in a lot of pain, especially his legs and ribs. Quy found it hard to walk but with the help of his family, they took him to a believer’s house in the village and there he stayed for seven days while he recovered from his injuries.

Honour God, don’t seek revenge
As he was returning to his village, Quy saw the three policemen who had beaten him. Initially he was angry but then remembered that as a believer, he would not be honouring God by having feelings of revenge in his heart toward his persecutors. Instead he was gracious in his words and courteous in his actions. As a result, all three policemen apologised for beating him, explaining they were all acting under orders.

The pastor was so encouraged by the way Quy, a young Christian, had remained so steadfast “I was encouraged when I heard his testimony and I would like to put this into my next sermon so that God will be glorified,” he said.

“Despite the persecution,” Quy said “I will continue to share the Gospel, pray and share Jesus with others.”

Please pray for Quy and his family, that together they will grow strong in their knowledge of the Lord. Pray that God will enable Quy to fulfil his desire the serve the Lord all the days of his life.