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When I meet persecuted Christians they often say, “Don’t forget us”! How could I? Each one of the people I meet leaves an imprint in my mind. Their testimonies strengthen, challenge and encourage my faith in the Lord, and years after meeting them I continue to remember them.

However, I think we can do more. We can pray and, where possible, we can write to them. Although praying for them is the best thing we can do, writing letters to persecuted Christians is a huge encouragement to the recipients because then they know that they are not forgotten.

Recently I had the privilege of visiting Toongabbie Anglican youth group. One of the activities they did was write letters to the Bible college students in the Philippines. I find it encouraging seeing youth think about what to write to a persecuted Christian whom they have never met before and who has faced difficulties they have never experienced. It is a challenging task to think what to write to a group of Christians who face tremendous challenges that we cannot easily relate to.

My encouragement is that whatever you write, whether it’s your favourite Bible verse, a small prayer, or a simple word of encouragement, is that these words, however simple we may find them, are an enormous encouragement to our persecuted brother and sisters. Imagine receiving one of these letters from a Christian whom you have never met saying they are praying and thinking about you. This would bring a smile to any Christian, especially when you feel alone, isolated and persecuted.

I thank the youth at Toongabbie Anglican Church for these letters and for the encouragement they will bring to our brave Bible college students who risk their lives every day for Jesus.