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Libyan authorities have released an Egyptian national and three other foreigners who were arrested on 10 February in Benghazi for allegedly illegally importing Christian materials. The Egyptian national is recuperating at home with his wife and two children.

‘Although he and the others suffered for the sake of the Master’s name, they received it with great joy and with an attitude of willingness to suffer for Christ,’ a VOM contact wrote.

‘As we update you about this, we would like to thank you so much for your prayers and your support for us and them during this last period until all those who were involved in the crisis were released. We pray now for post traumatic relief for the workers who came back, and we seek direction for the next phase in their lives.’

Source: Voice of the Martyrs

• Thank the Lord for His answer to prayer, in releasing the four believers and strengthening their faith.
• Pray they will continue to rejoice in the opportunity to grow in Christ likeness through the opposition they have faced (James 1:2-4).
• Pray the Lord will use their testimony to encourage the faith of other believers.