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Simulation Game

Aim: Youth will gain an understanding of some of the difficulties Christians face in restricted countries.

Objective: Smuggle Bibles to the church without being caught.


This game is best done outside.


Youth leaders will be the police. Their objective is to stop the Christians from smuggling the Bibles. They do this by tagging the youth. If the person tagged is carrying a Bible they are immediately arrested and the Bible confiscated. If the person is not carrying a Bible they play scissors, paper, rock. If the person loses they are taken to prison. If they win they can go free.


The youth will be the Christians. Their objective is to smuggle the Bibles to the designated area without being caught. There are a limited number of Bibles and there aren’t any more coming. If they are caught with a Bible they are arrested on the spot. Because they are Christian, even if they do not carry a Bible they can be arrested.

Secret Police

There can only be two Secret Police. The Secret Police are recruited by the Police. The Police can tempt the Christians to become Secret Police instead of sending them to jail.

The Secret Police’s job is to stop the Christians from getting their Bibles to their destination. They do this by tagging the Christian, confiscating the Bible and taking them to jail.


The jail is a designated area. Mark this out with witches’ hats or something similar. Police are not allowed within 5 metres of the area.

Christians are sent to jail if they are arrested by Police.

To be released from jail one of your team mates needs to tag you. All the prisoners can link arms and be released once a team mate tags one of the prisoners.

Designated area for Bibles

The designated area for the Bibles to be delivered to can be marked out by witches’ hats. It can be any size. Police can guard it but need to keep 5 metres away from the area. However, they can arrest someone who goes into the designated area.

Finishing the Game

The game ends if:

– Everyone is in jail.

– All the Bibles have been smuggled to the designated location or confiscated.

– Time is up.


Bring the youth back together for debrief.

Have a leader explain that although this was a game, this situation is real life for many Christians in restricted countries.

Many Christians are arrested for carrying a Bible or for evangelising, and others are arrested just because they are a Christian.

Watch this video of someone who has been arrested for their faith. {insert video]

After the video, break the youth into groups. If you have time, continue debriefing with them.

Here are some helpful questions:

  1. What went through your mind during the game or from watching the video?
  2. What was frustrating about the game?
  3. Knowing that people are arrested for being Christian, how should we respond?

Finish by spending time in groups praying for Christians in prison. Your group can also write a letter of encouragement to a Christian in prison.

Find prisoner profiles  or Writing letters to prisoner’s activity