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“In solitary confinement, we could not pray as before. We were unimaginably hungry; we had been drugged until we acted like idiots. We were as weak as skeletons. The Lord’s Prayer was much too long for us – we could not concentrate enough to say it. My only prayer repeated again and again was, ‘Jesus, I love You.’”

Richard Wurmbrand’s incredible autobiography shocked the world as he revealed the depths of suffering Christians in the underground church endured – and their extraordinary devotion and triumphant faith.

“This is only a very small part of what happened. Other things simply cannot be told. My heart would fail if I should tell them again and again. They are too terrible and obscene to put in writing. This is what your brothers in Christ went through and go through now!”

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Learn the truth about Christian persecution for yourself as you listen. Let the words Richard Wurmbrand wrote stir your heart and passion for a Saviour worth suffering for and a family of believers worth fighting for.

“I have seen Christians in Communist prisons with fifty pounds of chains on their feet, tortured with red-hot iron pokers, in whose throats spoonfuls of salt had been forced, being kept afterward without water, starving, whipped, suffering from cold – and praying with fervour for the Communists. This is humanly inexplicable! It is the love of Christ, which was poured out in our hearts.”

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