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Matthew 24.22-23 - Walking on water during the storm

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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and Bula vinaka from Fiji. My name is Ashwin Reddy and I serve in the Voice of the Martyrs of shinier ministry based in suva. I'm so glad that you can join us from different parts of the world. And I pray that this sharing today would be a great encouragement to you, as it is been to me specially in this prolonged period of lockdown due to COVID-19.

Since April of 2021, the Delta variant of Coronavirus has spread rapidly throughout the main island of Fiji, we have seen a significant rise in daily cases to more than 1000 a day recently, and a rising death toll where people with severe COVID-19 are still dying at home or are going to a medical facility in the late stages of severe illness.

The advice for the people by the government is to get vaccinated not only there but to practice COVID-19 safety measures of wearing a mask and staying home. Only move when getting essential food and supplies to things that many feagins are not able to do at this time, are playing sports and going to church. And those two things are very important for us feagins.

Personally, not playing soccer, and not meeting together with other believers for church services has really affected my life. It has really affected so many people's mental health, their spiritual health as well. And I know it's a very difficult time for many people who are in lockdown and isolation situations in Fiji.

Well allow me to share the amazing passage of scripture in the Bible that greatly impacted my perspective on the pandemic and how it has realigned my focus back to God during isolation. And this passage is from Matthew chapter 14, verse 22, to verse two verses 33. And this is about when Peter walks on water.

In this passage, we will see how the Lord launches to personally teach his disciples some valuable lessons which apply to all believers. In verses 22 and verses 23, we see that the Lord Jesus makes the disciples get into a boat to go across the Sea of Galilee. And Jesus by himself goes up on the mountain to pray.

Well, we can learn an important lesson very early on. In this passage, we can see that Jesus makes room for time alone with God. This is the first important lesson we can take from the account to help us weather the storms of life. During this lockdown, period, even with the needs of so many people pressing in on him, the Lord makes solitary time with God his priority. And friends, let us be encouraged to spend time with God in His Word, by meditating on what was read, and then pray about it. By doing this, it will take your focus away from all the chaos that is happening around us. And believe me, it will help you it will draw you to a closer relationship with God. So let's continue on with our passage.Let's see what else the Lord reveals to us.

Let's see what else the Lord reveals to us. So the passage continues. And it is where the disciples were a few miles out to sea. And so a fish storm arose. And not only that, but the Lord Jesus approached the disciples walking on the water. The disciples were greatly troubled when they saw a figure moving towards them, until Jesus identified himself to them by saying it is I do not be afraid. And that's when Peter asked Jesus to let him walk on water. How amazing is that? And the Lord Jesus said to Peter, come, and Peter walked on water towards Jesus.

But then something happened. Peter began looking At the waves tossing around him and he began to sink is he Peter led doubt, displays his faith. His friends, the passage reveals that Jesus didn't make the storm stop. He simply helped Peter back on to his feet. I have learned that in troubled times, like what we are all going through in this pandemic, that it is very important for us to change our perspective from looking at the virus, the case numbers, and just look to Jesus and cling on to his grace, His mercy, and the peace that he gives to every believer, according to second john one, three. The Lord had pitas cry for help. And he rescued him from down.

Friends, we serve the same God, we serve the same God, who heard Peters cry, who will hear you cry, who will hear all out Christ, and according to his will come to our rescue. And finally, the presses revealed that the disciples response to all that happened resulted in the worship of Jesus is your friends when we graphs that Jesus is all powerful, when we grasp that he is all knowing even over the forces of nature and this pandemic, that should strengthen our faith in him. It strengthened my faith. And not only that, but it filled my heart with admiration. And I'm sure that's what had happened to the disciples that it filled their hearts with adoration with admiration, and worship of the Lord. And as we look at this person, the same applies to us. What a mighty God we have it strengthens our faith in him. It fills our hearts with admiration. It fills our heart with adoration and worship of the Lord.

Let's worship the Lord during this isolation period. This message has greatly helped and encouraged me during the lockdown. And friends I hope that for this moment. No, I hope that you also have been encouraged and strengthened in your walk with Jesus.

May God richly bless you, Vinaka

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