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Muslims in Malawi are staging rallies and making threats as many are placing their faith in Christ.

A frontline worker said, “We have seen an unusual move of the Holy Spirit as Muslims are putting their trust in Christ in large numbers.” In response, Muslim groups throughout Malawi are mobilising to convince those who have converted to Christianity to return to Islam, by making murderous threats.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

“They have declared this a fight, and they are asking every Muslim to take this seriously because their territory has been invaded by Christianity,”

the frontline worker shared. Amid this opposition, believers in Malawi are standing firm in Christ. “I am not afraid at all. The fire of the Gospel has been lit in the Yao Land, and no gates of hell will stop it,” the worker said.

Let us pray.

  • Pray for wisdom and boldness for these believers as they face increased hostility from those who wish to silence their witness for Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to frustrate the plans of those who wish to do the believers harm. May their threats come to nothing.
  • Pray that this movement of God will continue and many more Muslims will place their trust in Christ.