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Three Christians have gone missing in Malaysia – and friends fear they have been abducted because of their church work.

Pastor Raymond Koh was reportedly taken from his car in Petaling Jaya city last week. Another pastor and his wife, who have not been named, went missing a month ago, according to partners of Release International.

Pastor Raymond, who is of Chinese descent, has previously received threats from jihadists. Officials are denying all knowledge of their disappearance.

Christians in Malaysia are increasingly concerned about the growing threat to religious freedom. Parliament is currently debating a Bill proposing that parts of a strict Islamic penal code (hudud) are incorporated into the country’s legal system. Prime Minister Najib Razak supports the Bill, apparently to win favour among hard-line Muslims ahead of next year’s general elections.

Sources: Release International, Reuters, The Star

  • Please pray for the immediate release of Pastor Raymond and the two other Christians who have been abducted.
  • Ask God to give His peace to the kidnapped Christians’ families, including Pastor Raymond’s wife, Susanna, and their children.
  • Pray that God’s people will stand firm in their faith as an Islamist political agenda gathers momentum in Malaysia.