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Jana has suffered ill health for many years as a result of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Jana lived a faithful Muslim life along with her husband and three children until one day while in hospital receiving treatment, she had a spiritual encounter with the living Christ in a dream. From that point on, her life changed. 

Though she kept her new interest in Christianity a secret from her family, she managed to make contact with other Christians in order to find out more.  Through their encouragement and guidance, she came to know the Lord personally.

Source: VOM Contacts

Jana was excited about her faith and wanted to be baptised as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as Malaysia is a highly restricted nation, none of her Christian friends dared to baptise her out of fear. Word was sent to a VOM frontline worker who willingly agreed to baptise Jana.

He explained to Jana that in following Jesus, there may be a price to pay. Jana understood and eagerly consented. After the baptism took place, Jana was filled with great joy and gratitude; she said she felt like a burden had been lifted.

Recently, her husband discovered some Christian material in their home. He confronted Jana and threatened her with divorce and the removal of her children.   

Jana would not give up her love for Jesus and she stood firm in her faith. 

Earlier this week, her husband followed through with his threats and divorced her over the phone (as is permissible by Islamic law). Soon, Jana will have to face the local Muslim authorities as part of the divorce proceedings. She fears there may be further consequences if her faith is discovered. 

Let us pray.

  • Praise God for Jana’s remarkable faithfulness as a new believer. Ask God to strengthen her and give her peace.
  • Pray also that He will give her words to say when she is before the authorities. Ask for the Lord’s favour and protection to be upon her. 
  • Pray for the salvation of Jana’s husband and children and that the family will be reunited.