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VOM contacts ‘Arne’ and ‘Bernadette’ are under police investigation after a rumour circulated that a church in the area was allowing a Malay girl to attend services.

In Malaysia, ethnic Malays are considered Muslim and are prohibited from converting to Christianity.

When news of the Malay girl spread, authorities began to look into the activities of Arne and Bernadette. The couple is quietly sharing the Gospel in the area, but they are not affiliated with the church that the Malay girl was attending.

Despite the extra attention, the couple told a VOM worker that they are not afraid, though they are being extra careful.

Church members had thought the girl was Indonesian, and when they discovered that she was Malay they asked her to leave. The VOM worker said, ‘I’m very disappointed with the church that rejected the girl.’ She appears to have left the area.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Please pray the Lord will protect Arne and Bernadette, ask Him to direct their paths and make ways for them to continue to faithfully share the Gospel.
  • Pray for the Malay girl, that she will not be discouraged but will find other believers to fellowship with and be encouraged in her faith.
  • Pray the churches in Malaysia may be bold in sharing the Gospel and be willing to share their faith and house of worship with anyone seeking to find the one true God.