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Recently, one of our workers in Malaysia sent us an update on his work with Muslim background believers, highlighting the story of a woman named Aeni.

Aeni is a Muslim background believer who had a supernatural encounter with the Lord whilst she was sick in Hospital. She saw Jesus in her dream.

She is a mother of three children. Her husband is a Muslim, as was she until her encounter with Jesus.

Her husband has noticed a change in her demeanour as well as her interest in Christian material. He warned her, that he will divorce her immediately and separate her from their children if he finds out that she is no longer a follower of Islam.

When our worker met her, she was desperate to be baptised. She said she had been unable to find someone to baptise her, as so many were afraid of the repercussions, should they get caught. Our worker said, “I was saddened by the fear and felt a great burden for her and a responsibility to help.”

He said, “before I agreed to baptise her, I told her that, when we decide to follow Jesus there is a price to pay. I asked her, ‘Will you stand firm if your husband finds out about your faith in Jesus.’ Aeni replied ‘Yes’ with a glorious smile on her face, and with a soft voice she added,  ‘Yes, I will follow Jesus, no matter what happens to me.’

That night, the worker baptised her in the bathtub, inside a friend’s house.

Following the baptism, Aeni was reportedly full of joy and gratitude, testifying the next day that she had slept well for the first time, since she can remember.

The worker will continue to meet with Aeni, where possible, and asked that we pray for her protection.

Please also pray for frontline workers in Malaysia who continue to advance the kingdom at great risk to themselves.

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