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A Christian couple in southern Mexico was harassed and threatened on their way to a wedding celebration.

‘Cesar’ and ‘Laura’ were on their way to a wedding when they were stopped by a large group of people, who began insulting them because they were Christians. Locals had already threatened to stop the Christian wedding and had blocked roads in the village.

Cesar and Laura asked police officers for help when they arrived, but the officers told them to handle the situation themselves and left. Two women then grabbed Laura by her arms, threatening that she would be the first person burned for sharing the Gospel in their area. Cesar rescued his wife, and they fled in their car.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for Cesar and Laura’s escape. Pray this incident will not cause them to fear but instead may they ever rely on the Lord for His strength and protection.
  • Pray the Lord will open up more opportunities for Cesar and Laura to share the Gospel; may they spur others on to do the same.
  • Pray for those in the area who oppose the Lord and His Word; ask God to reveal Himself to them through His Holy Spirit.

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