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On 29 March Pastor Pedro Vazquez was abducted from his village in Chiapas, Mexico, by a violent group known as Chinchulines. Pastor Vazquez was held in a nearby village and his family members and church congregation were very concerned that he would be killed.

Pastor Vazquez works in an area where pastors and Christian workers have been threatened with death and evangelicals are often expelled from their communities, losing land, homes and crops.

Pastor Pedro Vazquez has since been released.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

 Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the pastor’s release. Ask the Lord to help him and his family overcome their ordeal.
  • Pray for this church as they continue to share God’s Word in an area that is hostile to the Gospel. Ask for the Lord’s protection to be upon them; pray for courage.
  • Pray the witness of Pastor Vazquez may be used by the Lord to touch the hearts of this group and be the instrument the Lord uses to open them to the message of the Gospel.

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