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In a community dominated by members of the Wixárika tribe, many of whom still partake in pagan rituals (involving the use of a hallucinogenic drug) and sacrifices offered to their gods, remains a group of about 25 evangelical Christian converts.

Many other converted followers of Christ have faced alienation, eviction from their communities, and separation from their families for refusing to take part in the ancient tribal rituals.

Omar Rodriguez, who presides over a church in the Jalisco state capital of Guadalajara, supports persecuted Christians residing in the Tuxpan and Bolaño communities. “We are convicted that God gave us the Great Commission,” he explains. “When He said to go out to the whole world, that includes our indigenous friends and compatriots who also have a need to fill the emptiness in their hearts.”

The Christians are already taking proactive steps in order to build bridges. Newly elected tribal officials were recently invited to a believer’s home where food was graciously provided. They are hoping this kind gesture was received well and will help to build good relations with the new officials. Following this, another meeting had taken place on 8 April, giving the Christians an opportunity to discuss ways to ensure a more harmonious existence.

Mr Rodriguez says the meeting was a “very important” step and “could be the start of something.” There are signs of hope that, in time, Christian Wixárikas will be able to live peacefully amongst their fellow tribal people, especially those who are in desperate need of deliverance from spiritual bondage through the power of Jesus who is risen indeed!

Source: World Watch Monitor

  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of this small group of believers. Pray the Lord will continue to bless them with a knowledge of His goodness, mercy and love for them.
  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to meet with community leaders. Pray for positive outcomes.
  • Ask the Lord to use these believers as effective witnesses for the power of God’s word; may many members of the community come to know the Lord as a result.