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Aim: Youth learn how the Great Commission  is being fulfilled in North Korea and about difficulties that Christians face today.


  1. Youth will be educated on the issues of the North Korean dictatorship.
  2. Youth will be thankful that the Gospel is spreading despite severe opposition.
  3. Youth will pray for God’s people in North Korea.

Length 10min


  1. PowerPoint


True/False PowerPoint
North Korea information
How the Gospel is spreading in North Korea

2.  Video


Category: Restricted Nation

Religion: Juche (compulsory state religion) 99.5%, Christian 0.5%

Ideology: Juche/Communism

Head of State: Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s isolated regime is the most oppressive in the world. North Koreans are indoctrinated with an ideology called “Juche,” a philosophy of self-reliance that centres on worship of the country’s leaders. Following Kim Jong Il’s death in December 2011, power was transferred to his son, Kim Jong Un, who seems determined to carry on his father’s policies. North Korea maintains one of the world’s largest standing armies and an expansive system of political prison camps, which hold a significant number of individuals arrested for “illegal” religious activity. A system known as “songbun” classifies families according to their loyalty to the Kim family and puts Christian believers as the lowest rating. Penalties for even small infractions are carried out across three generations of a family. North Korea has been designated a Country of Particular Concern by the USCIRF since 2001.

Source: VOM Global Report  Read More


  1. Play the True or False game. Access the instructions and questions here.
  2. For each correct answer, reveal the propaganda image of Kim Jong Un. Proceed to step 3 once the country is guessed.
  3. Show PowerPoint “Intro to North Korea.” Briefly talk about the country using the background information or points on the PowerPoint as a guide.
    North Koreans are told that Christianity is a disease, Christian missionaries want to kill them and eat them, and North Korea is the richest country in the world.
  4. Watch how Voice of the Martyrs is sending Bibles into North Korea.

5. Split into groups or have a few people pray for Christians in North Korea, especially those in concentration camps, and for the continued spread of the Gospel.