VOMobile Clinic in Egypt

This specialised medical project will provide much-needed assistance to three villages where Christians and Muslim background believers (MBB’s) have suffered severely for their faith in Minya, Egypt.

The Minya area is one of the most renowned cities in Egypt, where Christians and MBB’s face extreme persecution. Why? Because in the area of Minya and Alexandria, the largest number of Salafies and Muslim Brotherhood groups reside.

Each trip into Minya and Alexandria will be for three days with a medical team including specialists in abdominal, paediatrics, dermatology, gynaecology, ENT and ophthalmology skills. Three trips per year will be made into villages in these regions to aid those requiring medical assistance.

A medical coordinator in Egypt said “Each of these trips not only assist the body of Christ with medical treatment but also we have the opportunity to treat spiritually and encourage the broken-hearted. It is such a blessing to be part of this ministry.”

“I thank God, despite the old age, that He uses me to provide spiritual ministry through the provision of therapeutic treatment ministry.” Dr Waheed (ENT)

“What a wonderful spiritual and organisational medical convoy we had!! … especially the work of evangelism to the patients.” Dr Mona

The VOMobile clinic will not only heal the sick but will also minister to and encourage the faith of the persecuted believers in Minya and Alexandria.

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