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Islamic insurgents seek to establish a caliphate in East Africa, rendering life in the northern coastal regions impossible and severely affecting Christians.

Islamists have been active in the region for the past three years, but a group has now launched attacks on villages from the north, displacing thousands into other parts of the country. Many are affected by the insurgents, but the situation for the Christians who encounter them is especially dire.

VOM partners report beheadings and incinerated churches; schools, clinics and police stations have also been destroyed. As VOM partners provide comfort to believers, they are also providing food aid and Bibles to the displaced, giving them the opportunity to hope in Jesus.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray the believers will be strong and courageous in the midst of great suffering and uncertainty. Pray they will experience the Lord’s ministering presence.
  • Ask the Lord to bless the efforts of those who are attempting to stop the violence and bring order.
  • Pray that God will bring beauty from ashes and that many will gain hope and eternal life through this time of trial.