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Mrs Han and her husband served for many years on the border of North Korea and China until her husband was kidnapped and killed by North Korean assassins in 2016.

In the 1990s, famine pushed many North Koreans to seek work and help outside of their country and many arrived on the Hans’ doorstep in their border town. They did all they could to help them and in the process, led some of them to Christ.

Their work did not go unnoticed by the North Korean government and Mrs Han was their first target. She was captured in North Korea, interrogated and imprisoned for 60 days on charges of “suspicion”. She was released and began to step back from the work so she could care for her family while her husband continued their ministry. However, in 2016, Pastor Han was kidnapped and eventually killed in China.

Since then, Mrs Han has moved to South Korea to remove her children from the place where they lost their father.

The church she and her husband led continues to function and Mrs Han is now focussing on her role as a mother, helping her children adjust to life without their father and complete their education.

“Readers can praise God for the way the family has navigated through the earthly loss and found a new closeness”, a Voice of the Martyrs worker said.

“They can pray that the children will grow up as faithful servants of God, serving Him as their father did”.

We originally told the story of Mr and Mrs Han in May 2017; this is the most recent update.

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