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Amin was a new Christian when he was forced to flee Iran after the company he worked for framed him and demanded he deny his faith.

Amin and his wife Ghazal (both Muslim) were living and working in Iran when their life changed dramatically in just a few short months. Amin worked in construction and had just begun a new contract with a Christian man named Rudy.

At the time, Amin recalls that he was in a bad way, addicted to drugs like many of his workers and treating the people around him poorly, cursing and swearing at his employees.

“Because of the career, many construction workers [in Iran] are drug addicts. I was also an addict and I got worse. I couldn’t go a day without drugs.”

Rudy would often see him in this situation and try to calm him down, and spent months trying to befriend him.

“He would calm me down and tell me about how badly I was treating the workers. It made me upset but I knew he was telling the truth.”

One day, about six months after they first began work together, both men were working back late in the office and Rudy asked if he could pray for Amin, and he agreed.

“It was new for me and it was different to the way Muslims prayed,” Amin recalls. “He spoke with such easy words and it touched me. It shook me.”

Rudy prayed, “this person is Your child and You have big plans for him”.

“I didn’t know what it meant but these words stuck out in my mind,” Amin said.

The friendship between the two men grew and soon Rudy gave Amin printed sections of the Bible, which he read whenever he had time. Rudy wasn’t able to give him the entire Bible, as it’s illegal for Christians to preach to Muslims in Iran.

About six weeks later, after praying together, Amin accepted Christ as his Saviour.

Shortly after,the personnel of the company Amin worked for noticed that he slowed down in attending prayer and religious activities and became suspicious. A ranking military officer with the government owned the company and most employees were related to him in some way, except Amin. They began monitoring him and eventually gained access to his computer and found a document containing a passage of the Bible.

Amin was immediately fired, arrested and interrogated for three days. He was released when an employee vouched for him but a court date was set and he was told he would need to return.

The company had withheld the last four months of his pay and commission and lured him to the office to force him to sign a blank piece of paper and regretting statement.

He soon found out that the company was intent on framing him and their goal was to send him to jail.  He would be charged for ‘evangelising’ and was advised by his family to leave Iran. He fled to Turkey immediately.

“The truth is my heart was in my throat and I just prayed. I truly gave our life to God and had to trust that He had everything in His hands.”

At the time, his wife Ghazal was confused and she wanted no part in his newfound faith. Despite this and the opposition from her family, she joined Amin four months later with their two daughters. The evening she arrived in Turkey, Amin once again told her about Jesus and this time she accepted Him.

“When I was away from him it was hard. Everything was different and when I came to Turkey, I don’t know how but something changed inside me,” Ghazal says.

They’re now both serving with 222 Ministries in Turkey who work with and support fleeing Iranian Christians, and feel free for the very first time.

“Even though I read the Bible and became a Christian in Iran, I became a true Christian in Turkey. Here we truly know God, we feel Him.

“God’s work is light and He does everything he says He’ll do. He keeps His promises. I even said it’s impossible for my wife to become a Christian and that God would need to work on her heart and the same night she arrived, He did.”

Amin and Ghazal are now ministering together through worship and plan to continue to do so as part of large events with 222 Ministries. They even plan on returning to Iran one day to share Jesus.

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