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I had the privilege of travelling to Myanmar on behalf of Voice of the Martyrs from 13 to 17 June.

Our destination was Myitkyina, to connect with leaders who were helping to organise an emergency project to feed 2700 people.

Many of the Christian Kachin folk of North Myanmar, have been displaced through persecution, and they have been forced to leave their homes, churches and villages, as the government has declared an ethnic cleansing of minority Christian groups.

Together with our contact on the ground in Myanmar, we were able to muster 100 volunteers, putting together 532 emergency packs, consisting of rice, beans, salt, sugar, oil, condensed milk, garlic, onions, matts, mosquito nets, clothes and washing powder. We provided $16,000 for the packs and were able to source Christian wholesalers to purchase the items.

The packs were distributed to approximately 2700 people in several camps, over two weeks so that it would not be too conspicuous, as the military had restricted access to the camp. Distribution was completed, either by night or by selected avenues through the fence unnoticed.

During this most recent conflict, houses and motorbikes were destroyed and burnt, many were killed and wounded in the cross fire, wives became widows, women were raped, children became orphans, and people lost their homes and farms.

Having to run for their lives, avoiding the onslaught of the military, roads were also blocked, (with plans to trap those escaping), so families had to resort to running through bush terrain on foot, as this was their only chance. This they did for five days, (surviving the elements), until they arrived at a place of temporary safety.

The Assemblies of God church in Myanmar purchased land and provided a safe haven for the displaced, who were able to build make shift tents for homes, this location is called Camp Tanai.

While villages were being taken over by the military, those who were slow to leave were arrested and taken to prison tortured or killed.

At the temporary refugee camps, strict rules are in place, as the military only allow the women and children to leave and enter, and not the men. The reason is, that the Buddhists try to persuade the women and children to recant their faith and turn back to Buddhism, then train them in the religion of the government.

This is happening in many parts of the world, for Christianity and the Bible are a threat to their governments and their government systems.

Sickness is prevalent, being that these makeshift camps are so congested with limited food and clean water, causing dysentery, colds and flu.

While I was there, I asked these persecuted believers, would you like to go back to your village and re-build? Their answer was no, for they are certain they would be killed.

We are looking to continue with the work in Myanmar among the persecuted Kachin people in the north.

Please pray for our Kachin brothers and sisters.