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Myanmar’s military has renewed its offensive against the mainly Christian Kachin people in Myanmar (Burma).

The military stepped up its campaign against the Kachin people in April, pounding them with airstrikes and artillery. Troops have displaced thousands and occupied churches, interrogating entire congregations.

As well as the thousands displaced, there are fears that many people remain trapped in conflict-stricken areas, near the border with China.

There are reports that the soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war and are deliberately targeting camps for the displaced, which is a war crime. They are also said to be sowing landmines to make villages uninhabitable.

Christians make up around 9% of the population in Myanmar and have long been targets for religious persecution. Buddhist monks have led violent attacks against churches and church leaders, house churches have been banned and there have been attempts to outlaw religious conversion. There have also been legal moves to severely restrict Christian activity. The authorities have outlawed Bibles translated into the languages of the indigenous tribes.

The military control Myanmar with an iron grip, and there are some who won’t rest until all of Myanmar is Buddhist – at any price.

Voice of the Martyrs Australia is working with pastors in Myanmar to assist those most affected, where we can.

Please pray for our Kachin brothers and sisters. Pray also for the state of Kachin and for the country of Myanmar.

Sources: Release International, BBC

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