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Authorities in a Buddhist village recently established a law forbidding Buddhists from hiring Christians for work and from renting or selling anything to Christians. As a result, believers in the village are unable to buy food.

Every day, village authorities pressure the Christians to return to Buddhism, promising that if they do they will be able to buy food again. The believers, however, are standing firm. “This is not a game”, one Christian replied. “We were baptised. We believe in Christ 100% and we will die believing.”

When a Buddhist vendor sold a banana to a Christian recently, he was detained for three days and fined the equivalent of $90. The man later decided to become a Christian, asking another believer to teach him the Bible and baptise him, because he saw that the Buddhists were wrong.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for bringing blessing from suffering and pray that this man grows and stands firm in his faith despite the persecution he will likely face.
  • Pray that all believers in the village will love those who persecute them and inspire other Buddhists to learn more about Jesus.
  • Pray for VOM’s efforts to provide these believers with food.

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