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On my recent visit to Nagaland, I was amazed at how Christianity has diminished.

The Indian government, in its quest to make India for Hindus has continually encouraged the influence of Hinduism in the area through corrupt political local leaders thereby increasing their foothold into the area.

Nagaland has for decades, sought its autotomy, as its citizens sought to be separate from India, but the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government will not allow it. Local Christians are being harassed for being believers.

Schools for local children often do not have enough teachers to provide even a secular school program and many school facilities are abandoned due to insufficient funding. Government spending on infrastructure is poor.

My visit to Dimapur was marred by local police, who barged into my hotel room one night at 9pm and demanded an explanation for my visit. This was after complying with all legal specifications required to visit the local area, to learn what life is like in Nagaland for Christians.

The locals told me the government is wary of foreigners seeing what is happening in Nagaland, as life for the local believers is becoming more difficult. The Hindu influence, which a few years ago was insignificant is growing and Christian activity is being scrutinised and undermined by radical Hindus.

How long before Hindu extremism, which mars many parts of India reaches Nagaland, is only a question of time. People are nervous about this development. What do we do? We pray of course.

In Christ

Tony Benjamin