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Buddhist fundamentalists broke into a school run by Christians recently, searching for proof that the Christians were indoctrinating local Buddhist children.

The Buddhists broke into the school during the night, rifling through offices and destroying furniture, but they didn’t find the evidence they were seeking. The Christian who manages the school was born into a traditional Buddhist family that came to Christ after his mother was healed from an illness. Because there was no school in the village, he decided to start one.

Several Buddhist students have come to faith in Jesus Christ since starting to attend the school, prompting accusations from Buddhist fundamentalists that the Christians are proselytising.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the way He is working in and through the manager and students.
  • Pray for the protection and security of the school and its staff.
  • Pray the perpetrators may too have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and come to salvation in Christ.

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