After Mamta became a Christian in 2010, she was fired from her job, and her husband demanded that she renounce her faith and stop going to church. But Mamta would not abandon Jesus Christ.

Then one day, her husband beat her so badly that she lost vision in her right eye.

When he later left her and remarried, Mamta and her son moved in with her Hindu parents. They blame Mamta for not obeying her husband, and they won’t allow her to take her son to church. Instead, they are raising him as a Hindu. Mamta wants to live on her own so she can teach her son about Jesus.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Mamta’s spiritual growth. Ask God to surround her with Christians to provide her with help and spiritual encouragement.
  • Pray that Mamta’s sufferings will not be in vain and that the Lord will use her testimony to bring strength to others.
  • Pray that her parents will come to know Christ and pray for the Holy Spirit’s work in her son’s life as well.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

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You Lord, place the lonely in families and come to the aid of those who mourn and are poor in spirit. We rejoice in your work in Mamta’s life and praise you for her endurance under severe trial. We ask that you might provide a home for Mamta and her son so they can live independently but wholly dependent upon you. Awaken the souls of Mamta’s parents to the Saviour of the world. Father, we plead that you might continue to strengthen Mamta’s body and soul as she serve’s you.

Jake McHaffie
Jake McHaffie

Dear Heavenly Father who is forever worthy to be praised, I ask you earnestly in the name of your Beloved Son, please deliver my dear sister Mamta from all her enemies. May her enemies be confronted as the Apostle Paul was on the road to Damascus, so that they would have a chance to genuinely repent of their sin and accept the free gift of amazing grace that Christ offers every man and woman by His sacrificial death on the cross. Please allow her the gifts of a home for herself and her son and the gift of continued joyful… Read more »

Janet F. Brumby
Janet F. Brumby

Jesus I remind you that the angels of Mamta’s son are looking to You Matthew 18;10. Please glance their way and send such assistance as will help them guard that little boy and his innocence.