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Pavan, 62, was born into a Hindu family. He grew up in a remote mountainous area and in time became a witch doctor, faithfully serving his local community.

Recently, he started to suffer from severe stomach pain. He visited other witch doctors and hospitals, but he obtained no relief. His suffering became so severe, he felt like he was “dying inside”.

One day, a friend advised him to visit a local church to ask for healing from his suffering.

In desperation, he decided to attend a service. Once inside the church, he felt a great sense of peace, and miraculously, his pain left him. Pavan became convinced that the Word of God healed him, so he decided to commit his life to Christ and attend church regularly.

He stopped working as a witch doctor and was no longer earning a living. Even after his family became angry with him, he still refused to start the practice again.

Since then, their anger has worsened, Pavan’s son beat him and forced Pavan out of the family home. He is now staying in the church and although he desperately misses his family, he is holding firm to his faith.

Source: VOM contacts

Let us pray.

  • Thank the Lord for intervening in Pavan’s life to bring healing.
  • Pray the Lord would strengthen Pavan’s faith during this time of trial. Ask the Lord for provision, new purpose and strong fellowship with other believers.
  • Pray this former witch doctor’s testimony would be used by God as a strong witness to the family and community.