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Hasri grew up in Nepal. As is customary, she, her husband Garvesh and later their three daughters long enjoyed the benefits of living in a large home with many extended family members.

She and her immediate family left Nepal for India for a lengthy stay. While there Hasri contracted a debilitating illness, it affected the muscles in her leg and caused paralysis.

Over time, she lost the use of her legs altogether.

A Christian lady she knew convinced Hasri to attend church and to ask for prayer for healing. Hasri took her friend’s advice and visited a local church; there she heard the Gospel and received prayer from the local pastor. Miraculously, her paralysis left her, and she regained the use of her legs. She and her family came to trust Christ as Lord and Saviour. They were later baptised in India.

Upon returning home, Hasri told her extended family what had taken place. They refused to accept the decision of Hasri and Garvesh to follow Christ. The family is very influential in the community; being concerned about their reputation, they forced Hasri, her husband and children from the home. They are now living in a shed nearby.

Despite the loss of her home and the loss of her extended family. Hasri, Garvesh and their children have not compromised their faith.

Sources: VOM contacts

Let us pray.

  • Please pray for the family, that they will be renewed and strengthened in their faith each day and will continue to focus on the love and mercy of Christ.
  • Thank Him for the way He miraculously healed Hasri.
  • Pray Hasri and Garvesh and their daughters may receive much love, care and support from local Christians in the area. Join them in praying for their extended family.