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Padamkala Kami lives in the Mugu village of north-western Nepal with her three daughters and two sons.

Five years ago, Padamkala gave her life to Christ. Since then, she has faced much persecution because of her faith, as well as her caste. Fellow villagers in Mugu often beat Padamkala, claiming that these beatings are a form of worshipping their god.

They harass her and her children, visiting their house late at night to throw things and beat them.

The villagers have stopped Padamkala’s children from attending school so that they cannot receive an education. They also prevent the family from using the shared village taps for drinking water, forcing them to drink water that is unclean.

Despite her family’s persecution at the hands of fellow villagers, Padamkala’s faith remains strong.

Source: Partner contacts in Nepal

Please Pray

  • Pray that Padamkala’s resilience in the face of persecution will point the villagers of Mugu to the love of Christ.
  • Pray for VOM partners as they seek to find the best way to help Padamkala and her children.
  • Pray that her five children will be allowed to attend school again.